To provide reliable newsgathering, and produce trusted news. 


  • Integrity
  • Courtesy
  • Independence


  • We have neither informal nor formal affiliations nor agreements: independent news reporting is our only business.
  • We maintain independence from the policy-making process.  
  • We neither accept, nor receive gifts.
  • We possess no stake in outcomes.  
  • Third-party funding — and advertising — must be obviously announced in the publication – we receive none. 
  • All monies for the production of World Radiocommunication Week are earned through subscription fees paid to Billquist Communications News Sàrl.  
  • No industry nor regulatory sector accounts for more than 25 percent of revenue.  Any greater share of revenue will be obviously announced in the publication masthead. 
  • We strive to earn and maintain trust. 

Our newsgathering

  • We gather news from around the world
  • Emerging applications
  • Interference
  • Risk
  • Satellite procedures
  • Transparency and compliance 
  • International trade

What we deliver

  • Timely and precise regulatory and technical newsgathering
  • Insight into unique and shared perspectives
  • Attributable hard news to inform work
  • 42 weekly editions each year
  • Views on innovation and implementation