World Radiocommunication Week (WRW) is an independent periodical of timely, attributable news on the international use of radio frequencies and space orbit resources.

Our subscribers are leading regulatory, international and national agencies, terrestrial and satellite interests, aviation and aerospace organizations, law firms and consulting companies, manufacturers, federal contractors, defence, technical and educational institutions, and other interests.   

Our record of newsgathering extends over nearly two decades. WRW delivers timely, attributable newsgathering on the swiftly advancing and increasingly complex world of spectrum and orbit resources. 

Billquist Communications News Sàrl, publisher of World Radiocommunication Week, abides by Swiss rules and transparency requirements for the formation and operation of an independent media entity, namely: 1) Publicity must be clearly marked, and; 2) Third-party funding must be obviously announced in the publication — we receive none.  

All monies for the production of World Radiocommunication Week are earned through individual or organization subscription fees paid to Billquist Communications News Sàrl.  No industry nor regulatory sector accounts for more than 25 percent of revenue.  Any greater amount will be obviously announced in the publication masthead.  The subscription plans are described on our website.

We strive for real and perceived material independence from the policy-making process.  We possess no stake in outcomes.  Furthermore, we have neither informal nor formal affiliations nor agreements: independent news reporting is our only business.