June, 17 2024 – Vol. 15 No. 19 edition of World Radiocommunication Week

WRC-LEVEL requirements on operation of global satellite systems for personal communications cannot be interpreted as requiring operators in the FSS, MSS, GSO or nGSO “to exclude territories from the downlink coverage areas on the request of other administrations at any point during the lifetime of their systems,” a notifying agency said. 

ITU RRB ASKED to use its discretionary power to improve disclosure of its deliberations over specific cases of harmful interference…

LARGE TRADE BLOC authorised implementation of “quite invasive UWB applications” — including outdoor fixed location usage — with relatively higher power, Finland and Slovenia said.  

SPECIAL FOCUS in WRC-27 preparations will be on how to more intensively use existing satellite spectrum allocations, an appointed national preparatory group leader said.  

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