July 8, 2024 – Vol. 15 No. 22 edition of World Radiocommunication Week

WRC-23 PLENARY decision for reset on regulatory framework for UAS CNPC links may help to meet the need for more satellite uplink spectrum in the frequency range 13 to 15 GHz, a view by the ITU secretariat suggested. 

IRAN’s SECONDARY active authorisation in 4200-4400 MHz remains a lone regulatory standout against globally harmonised aviation use, and lower power, and existing passive sensing, uses, in the global bid to better record sea surface temperatures, a review showed.

INTERNATIONAL AIR CARGO extends faster ascent for a sixth consecutive month… 

PRIMARY AND ADJACENT band use information sought in bid to review and update AM(OR)S frequency allotment plan…

INTERNATIONAL AIR CARGO extends faster ascent for a sixth consecutive month… 

POWER OF 850 MHz is “the key” to unlocking ubiquitous coverage across the U.S., said the CEO of a space venture partnered with holders of the low-band frequencies.  

FREQUENCY COORDINATION and licensing procedures for 1710-1785 MHz paired with 1805-1880 MHz, and 1920-1980 MHz paired with 2110–2170 MHz, were teed up for review owing in part to implications of developments on technical assumptions, including 5G, the Australian Communications and Media Authority indicated.  

PERFORMANCE-BASED communication and surveillance rule changes floated in NPRM to align with ICAO Standards and Recommended Practices… 

GEAR LEVERAGING 5925 to 7125 MHz slated for changes in license-exempt certification requirements, including a new equipment class, namely very low-power devices…

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