Feb. 19, 2024 – Vol. 15 No. 5 edition of World Radiocommunication Week

EARLY INTERVENTION can identify common threads for int’l standards to leverage critical and emerging technologies for economic growth and national security, the U.S. said.

IMPLEMENTATION REQUIREMENTS for public warning services based on peer-to-peer short messages extends to business, mobile terminal requirements, China said in a notification on proposed domestic rules.

U.S. NATIONAL committee members prompted to bridge gaps for unified international proposals on space radiocommunication applications, an announcement said. 

ABSENCE OF EESS passive in 15.35-15.4 GHz is expected in an initial review of a band adjacent to frequencies eyeballed for terrestrial IMT component; the frequencies enjoy elevated protection, a draft work plan for a March ITU-R meeting said.  

END-TO-END DEEP learning pilots for TDD MIMO systems in upper mid-bands for 6G show promise for a variety of scenarios: an academic paper funded in part by Nokia Bell Labs, and a National Science Foundation grant under the resilient and intelligent next-generation systems program. 

FUNDING FOR THREE-year doctoral position will leverage Earth observation data-driven statistics on global human settlements and population for the EC Joint Research Centre, a job announcement said.

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